‘The Price Of Nice Nails’ & Other Great Article Suggestions…

At at a loss for something interesting to read? Try these...

Are you looking to break the endless newsfeed scroll and read some interesting articles this week?
Take these four:

Why can’t all lads be sound like Hozier? by Alison Spittle.
Alison is an up and coming Irish comedienne. In this piece she speaks from the heart about her own
experiences with street harassment, something most women have experienced at one point in their lives. Although her accounts of the cruel comments she has received are enraging to say the least, all is not lost as she eventually gets her own back when she annihilates a heckler during one of her comedy gigs.
Her writing is honest and genuinely funny and I hope her career gets the span it deserves.

”…I read stories about street harassment in Dublin, I feel desperately angry for them, I read the inevitable comments underneath that say it’s not a big deal, you’re just looking for attention, you should be delighted that strangers want to tell you you’re beautiful. How are you supposed to feel when strangers want to tell you you’re not beautiful? That in fact the opposite. How do you feel when you walk across the Ha’penny Bridge and hear the words “fat bitch” whispered into your ear, you turn around to see who it was while a pile of lads walk away laughing? There’s no one else on the bridge. You keep walking and give out to yourself for forgetting to bring your headphones out with you…”

The Price Of Nice Nails by Sarah Maslin Nir.
Sarah wrote this article for the New York Times about the horrific exploitation of manicurists in New York City and it’s probably my favourite piece of investigative journalism from 2015. The NYT had interviewed over 150 nail salons and the comprehensive details of the dire living and working conditions of these manicurists is enough to make your stomach turn; It quickly becomes evident who is paying the real price for that $10 manicure.

“Qing Lin, 47, a manicurist who has worked on the Upper East Side for the last 10 years, still gets emotional when recounting the time a splash of nail polish remover marred a customer’s patent Prada sandals. When the woman demanded compensation, the $270 her boss pressed into the woman’s hand came out of the manicurist’s pay. Ms. Lin was asked not to return.

“I am worth less than a shoe,” she said.”

50 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Self-Esteem by Barrie Davenport
We all have battles with our own self-esteem. When you are in a difficult place it can be a struggle for you to practise self-love, so here are 50 constructive suggestions to improve your self-esteem. This article is definitely one to bookmark and reference when you are having a low moment. Eg;

”.. 22. Increase your standards

Begin to demand more of yourself in various areas of your life. Challenge yourself to do a bit better, go a bit farther, behave more lovingly than you have in the past. Set the bar higher, and you will feel proud of who you are.”

This Sad British Generation Doesn’t Know When The Party Stops By Clive Martin.
Clive Martin is my favourite Vice journalist. His writing is always on point and of a wonderfully entertaining standard. This particular article has always stood out to me among his vast index on the Vice website; It questions how long can this millennial generation, who are living in a repetitive loop of living for the weekend, really keep up the facade?
It seems the differences between our lives as 20 something year olds and the lives of our parents at the same age are worlds apart and only becoming bigger;

“…Like a lot of people I know, I’m already older than my parents are when they had me. It was different back then; being in your mid-twenties was the time when responsibility started knocking, when you had to put your youth in the rearview in order to birth your own screaming, flakey-headed avatars of yourself, only returning to the life you’d put on ice years later on a Union Jack Vespa or an Audi TT, with a toyboy, a Thai Bride and some divorce papers in tow.

But now my generation has arrived about a third of the way into the average life expectancy, and most of us are finding out that our twenties are just another stage of an extended boozy montage we’ve no reason, and no cause to escape from..”

Here’s hoping you find some solace from the news feed monotony with these suggestions!

– Aisling Abbey


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