Tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Elendil Hobson-Naumann, 22 years old from Melbourne.



When did you start really investing an interest in your own personal style?

Probably only within the last two and a half years, prior to that I never used to spend much time or thought into what I wear.

Describe your personal style & what influences it?

My personal style varies depending on mood and occasion. I get quite a bit of influence from sites like High Snobiety, and various lookbook sites, as well as brand lookbooks.

Favourite brands to wear and why?

Currently my two favourite brands are Acne Studios and A.P.C, both brands have a relaxed feel about them, and are easy to work with other brands.

Least favourite fashion trends/brands in existence and why?

Basically anything to do with fast fashion, I hate the idea of churning out a million designs based on what’s currently “in”, ripping off designer styles and producing a lower quality item.

What do you skimp on?

Not a lot, I’d prefer to spend the extra money and get an item that’ll last, versus saving a little in the short term.

What do you splurge on?

Definitely basics and footwear, for anyone that knows I’m a bit of a fiend for sneakers.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Jeans, chinos, a lot of white tees and button ups.

The first thing you look at in another person’s outfit is:

Footwear, for me everything starts from the ground up. If your outfit is incredible but your shoes are awful, it throws everything off.


You’re a massive sneaker head too, How many do you own/what are your favourite brands?

Yeah my obsession with sneakers started a few years ago and I’ve got just under 40 pairs now. Nike dominates my collection, I only have 4 pairs by other brands



Honest opinion on the Adidas Yeezy offering so far?

Kanye West is one of my favourite musicians so it’s awesome to see his mind work in terms of designing clothing as well. So far I think his 2 collections have been impressive, his influences definitely show in his designs.


Give us your top 5 when it comes to sneakers (all time)

Air Max 1, Air Max 95, Air Max 90, Flyknit Racers and Air Huaraches.


What’s the next pair you have your eye on?

I’ve been eyeing off a pair of Saint Laurent’s for a while now but can never seem to find my size. Also waiting for a retro release of the Air Max 97.

Favourite Style Blogs/ Websites?

Again, High Snobiety is easily one of the best for fashion/lifestyle/music/culture. Instagram can be really good as well to get different pages from overseas.

Thanks Elendil.

– Aisling Abbey

Check out Elendil’s Instagram @exit_fears

Photos shot by Tavis Pinnington @tavisfromthewok


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