Every so often we are introduced to a voice that seems to have that something extra that sets it apart from the rest; something added, something over and above the norm. Kinda like a box of Kleenex that have that nice balmy Aloe Vera stuff in them, as opposed to the normal kind. Blooms – real name Louise Cunnane – is the nice balmy Aloe Vera kind of Kleenex. She is the upgrade from an iPhone 5 to a 6. She is like choosing to fly Aer Lingus to the UK instead of Ryanair. She is comfort, she is class. Her vocal melodies are hauntingly beautiful, not unlike that of fellow Irish songstresses Enya or Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. They all share the same timeless quality; although the music that accompanies them may change, their voices are never in danger of becoming outdated or requiring re-invention down the line. Calming, mellow and adaptable to any mood. Blooms’ hypnotic voice meshes beautifully to the electronic chilllwave sounds she bounces it off – having collaborated with talented Irish Producer Kobina on tracks ‘Guilty’ and ‘Touch’ and now accompanied by her live band – Blooms has ensured her sound resonates with you long after you have stopped listening. Another appealing feature of Blooms as an artist are her lyrics and themes; her four track debut EP ‘IF’ in her own words:

‘’…details a relationship from beginning to end. It starts with a rush and excitement. It’s vulnerable and dedicated. It is lost and scared and in the end it’s trying to be brave and strong. I wanted to capture as many of the feelings that I felt during this time – as one person trying to carve out a space in the world alongside another person”

These are all things relatable for the vast majority of people who listen to her music. In addition to the musically astute qualities and natural vocal talent she possesses, she also just happens to be a mega babe; a green eyed, dark haired raven with porcelain skin, making her a triple threat and subsequently hard to not find yourself crushing on. Louise has since relocated from Dublin to London to make her mark, and for someone who only launched their career in 2014, this lady has already achieved so much in such a short amount of time.  Hot off a performance at Irish festival Forbidden Fruit – an upcoming one at Body & Soul and recently announced as the support for Ellie Goulding at the Marquee in Cork – she can surely only expect big things to come! I caught up with this talented lady to find out more about her music and self…


Hey Louise! Who or what would you say influences your sound?

Hello Bawdy Fox!

The main thing that influences me and my sound is just what I’m going through at one particular time and what I’m feeling. If I write something sad I want to get that across but I also want it to sound like the moment I felt it. Were there people chatting in the background? Was there a lot of silence? Was it chaotic? I need all of that to be in the song.

At what age did you discover you had a such a beautiful singing voice?

I still don’t really think I can sing. It’s something I do that I don’t think about too much.

My earliest memory is my dad sitting me down in front of a video of a Leonard Cohen concert and telling me to listen to his backing vocalists. I was very young. I think that moment made me appreciate singing and in that moment I decided it was what I was going to do.

Your music video for ‘If I’, set in Detroit, is cinematographically beautiful and bold, and unlike any other debut video from an artist i’ve ever seen before, can you tell us how the concept for it came about and how you went about getting it made?

I feel like this video maybe passed a lot of people by. I don’t have any interest in music videos where the artists face is in your face and they’re dancing all around the place, unless it’s Beyonce because she’s the queen. I like interesting videos. I love Lorde’s video for Royals of the guys fighting. Sia’s video for Chandelier is perfection. I had no interest in appearing in that video. I wanted someone else to tell a story with that track as the backdrop.

I worked very closely with the guys behind it. I spoke about my favourite director – Gus Van Sant and some of my favourite photographers – John Kilar and Kyler Zeleny and sort of created this story based on my interests. I wanted it to be honest and very different from my own experience. I’m so happy with how it came out but I am appearing in the next one. I think people like to connect to the artist and so I’m going to test that out for the next one.

You are currently completing a string of gigs in the UK. As your career progresses, are there any venues or festivals you would aspire to perform at?

Coachella would be top of my list. There’s two venues I have wanted to play in for YEARS! The Smell in LA and King Tuts in Glasgow.I would also love to play Roundhouse in London.

Collaborating with Kobina has been so successful for you, are there any other artists or producers you would like to collaborate with?

I would love to work with Kanye West. That is the absolute dream. Some people laugh when I say that but I just think he’s incredible. Imagine being in a studio with him? It would be insane! I would love to feature on a Big Sean track and I have wanted to work with Evian Christ for quite sometime. It’s great to have a list of those people but I also adore Kobina and I have so much respect for his work. Having dreams to work with your idols is all well and good but connecting with someone and being comfortable with your team is so important and I feel like I have found that with Kobina and the other producers I’m working with.

Blooms In Studio with Kobina

You are quickly amassing an impressive catalogue of sounds, do you have a favourite track to perform live and why?

The live part of this is all very new to me but most of it just scares me beyond belief. I would like to sing it from one room with the door closed while everyone else sits in another room.

I find the first EP difficult to perform sometimes as it feels incredibly personal to me and it’s quite intimate and quiet. I feel like I wrote it very privately and I never really had plans to stand up and sing those songs to people. The newer tracks are a little more fun to perform. My favourite at the moment is probably Touch, the track I featured on with Kobina. I just love how that track came out and it’s one everyone can have a little dance too. They’re just going to be crying at the rest really.

Instagram creepin’ (we are all guilty of it) points to you having a very cool dress sense. If you could have any designer or brand style you, who would it be?

That’s hilarious. I grew up wearing my brothers clothes and I still have a tendency to dress like a teenage boy!

I do love fashion though and right now it’s a close tie between Balmain and Saint Laurent. Olivier Rousteing is just creating such exciting clothing at the moment and Hedi Slimane creates perfection. If either one of them wants to dress me they are more than welcome.

BLOOMS in designer Colin Horgan @ Forbidden Fruit 2015

What was the first single or album (cringy or not) you bought as a tween/first concert you ever went to?

The first album I bought was Ace Of Base – Happy Nation. I still have it. I was obsessed with them. The first concert I ever went to was Stereophonics with my big brother. It was in Dublin and I loved every minute of it. I have also been to a Hanson concert so just in case anyone was beginning to think that I’m cool – I’m not and yes, they were amazing.

What is the most (humourous) trouble you’ve ever gotten yourself into?

Any trouble I’ve been in is probably best kept quiet!

I love favourite things, tell me five of yours.

1. La Roche Posay Skin Products

2. Netflix because I pretty much never leave my house

3. Chocolate m&m’s – I have a full on addiction.

4. Hula Fitness classes – My new fave workout

5. Notebooks – I write myself a list every night before bed, I pretty much remind myself to breathe on these lists. It’s a total OCD thing but I have to write everything down.


Do you have a motto or advice you live by?

I love Jack Kerouac and there’s a quote “Be in love with your life, every minute of it” and when things get stressful or difficult I try to remind myself of that.

And finally, who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m currently listening to a guy called Wes Period from California. He’s great. I have fallen in love with a UK band called Table Scraps. I went to one of their shows and they have such great energy.

Kelela is fucking amazing too so I’ve been listening to her a lot.

Thank you for your time Louise!

– Aisling Abbey


You can find out more about BLOOMS on her WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSoundcloud &
Youtube Channel.


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